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Chicken Finger Pakora Recipe | Fried Chicken Strips/Tenders | Iftar Recipes 2021 | Chicken Pakoda

Chicken Pakora Recipe • Fried Chicken Strips Recipe • Chicken Tenders Recipe • Chicken Finger Pakora. Ingredients: Chicken Fillet 1Kg cut into strips …

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  1. Hi there, just happened to make these pakoras yesterday and I can say they were a huge success! The cornflour does help massively in giving the pakoras that extra crunch, really enjoyed them. Thanks once again and I'm going through your recipes, hoping to try as many more 😊

  2. Hello Flava
    I tried making the Pakoras and they came out very crispy and good, didn't have chilli flakes so I didn't add them in but I believe I did a good good job in replicating your recipe, I've tried 3 so far, the other two being mushroom pie and the mousse

  3. Thank you so much for your recipe, we made them and they turned out fab! Loved the flavour and they turned out crispy, would definitely be making them again for sure!

  4. Ramadan Special Pakoras yumm. As much as we try to avoid Pakoras samosas and chaats, sometimes we just can't resist…. Ohhh the Pakoras look irresistible 😋😍

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