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Chicken Francaise Recipe

Today I would like to share with you my Chicken Francaise Recipe. Written recipe: ~MERCH~ 2020 recipe …

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  1. Another great recipe made this last week and it was delicious the chicken was so tender and again the directions were easily followed. This guy is amazing!!!

  2. Why not just cook the gravy separately, let it thicken even more, than POUR it over the nicely sauteed chicken filets, with the light breading STAYING on the chicken. Putting the chicken BACK into the boiling gravy unnecessarily only over-cooks the chicken, giving it a rubbery texture, not to mention having some of that thin breading fall off of it and into that soupish gravy. Just an observation. Thank You for the upload, everything you create is magical!

  3. Take note peeps: good Italian cooking requires very few, simple ingredients. No greasy meat + heavy cream +slathering with cheese + swimming in sauce like the Olive Garden. Simple and always the best fresh ingredients and you can’t go wrong

  4. That looks totally gross. Why are you putting dead animals inside your colon. You need to start preparing plant-based dishes that the general public can learn from you so that we all begin eating healthy. That chicken has been shot full of hormones and antibiotics, guaranteed. Your show is gross the food looks gross.

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