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CHICKEN STIR FRY | easy, healthy 30-minute dinner recipe!

A good chicken stir fry ticks all the boxes for the ideal weeknight dinner! It delivers in flavor, simplicity, and a healthy balance of protein and veggies. One of the …

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  1. What I love about this is how easy and delicious the sauce is. It’s such a great way to use up whatever leftover vegetables I have in the fridge. I’ve tried with a few, but my favorites are still the bell peppers w the broccoli. I also add in some cashews and it’s super yummy.

  2. Does anyone have any tips on making sure the chicken pieces are cooked all the way? I’ve had issues with this when making stir fries and I love stir fries, but I’m afraid to make them because of this.

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  5. I've been watching your videos for a while and they are amazingly done, very well informative and easy to follow. Besides, you speak so clear! You earned a new subscriber 😊.

  6. Thank you heaps for this recipe! I made it tonight for my hubby and I. I also followed your perfect rice method. Everything was sensational! I couldnt get arrowroot, so I just used plain flour for my thickener. Delicious and because I made a double batch we now have leftover for tomorrow 😄

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