Chinese Garlic Green Beans (Chinese Restaurant Style)

Here’s Mama Lin’s recipe for Chinese Garlic Green Beans. The green beans are flash fried, which gently blisters the skin but keeps the center tender and lightly …

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  1. Immediately after watching this video, I got up from bed and tried the recipe. It was a hit with my four year old! It was soooo good! Thanks for this 😊

  2. 🥰🥰🥰 Thank you for sharing your food ways. Inspiring. Appreciate your mother's pantry and knowledge on your IG. I'm going to try this green bean recipe as soon as my CSA starts up this year. Also want to try when the local okra is available. Thinking flavors would be yummy buddies.

  3. Thank you. Doing Keto and this adds a wonderful bit of variety. Wonderful tips and you made this very easy to follow. Well done

  4. Yes yes yes!!!!🤗😁 I’ve been looking for an authentic recipe for these green beans!!😋 i order this dish at every Chinese restaurant and I never knew how to make it myself. Thanks so much Lisa!!😁

  5. Lawrey’s Granulated garlic with parsley flakes is my go to for everything from fish to steak to stirfry such as this. Great recipe! I hope your mom is doing well. Give her my love and a great big Sicilian hug. 💞😘

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