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Chris Brown, Young Thug – City Girls (Official Video)

Produced By: Paradise City Entertainment & Dark Matter FX Executive Producer: Chris Brown Executive Producer: Mat Fuller Executive Producer: Matt Goldstein …

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  1. The world failed Chris Brown. People don't understand what happened and judge him of what the media says. If you are a fan, you would understand that Chris is one of the most kind people and an amazing person. Everyone has flaws. It makes me sad that one of the most talented people in the world is being ignored and his music is not being appreciated. My prays are with you Chris! I hope you become as big as Drake and Justin Bieber again. The world needs to hear your voice.

  2. I've seen this video a couple times…but for some reason that lead dancers solo in the beginning hit different…she completely embodied sexy 🤤 like a cookies n cream hershey bar on heels 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Chris in a suit, , he wears them well. Have you seen him in a white suit? Well yes he wore a white suit on a performance and he made the women melt. He is so fine, tall and handsome. And number one 1 in all music, And dance. Number 1 in the country.✌

  4. If Chris Brown had never hit Rihanna in 2009, Chris Brown would be bigger than Michael Jackson. He would receive more awards and recognitions, he would be much bigger than his idol MJ ​​if that moment were erased from his life!!

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