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Christmas Eve Recipes | Dinner Recipes | Rajshri Food

Make your Christmas eve special with amazing food for dinner, watch and learn how to make Shepherd’s pie, Cheesy Baked …

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  3. I am a chef. Even though I am not old enough to actually to be a chef as a job i am a cooker. And when i can't figure out what i wanna make for dinner i combine recipes. These recipes are good

  4. hi ..can we add chicken in Shepard's pie slondwith these vegetables ? If yes then at what stage and what ingredient not to use while adding chicken (which thing will least complement )
    also mention any addition of required in chicken vegetable Shepard's pie

  5. Great recipes they all look soooo delish! Will be definatley trying them all out… Today i think i will make the jacket potatoes. Thank you so much beautiful ladies for sharing your wonderful recipes.. God bless xxxx

  6. hey!!ur channel iz juz amzng!!!a complete guide for all occasions… tried most f ur recipes nd dey turned out awsum at one go…thnk u sooo vry much..u guyz r goin amazing..I hv a vegan hearty request for ur channel on behalf f d indian vegans …cn u plz upload more f Indian vegan dessert recipes…especially a range f cakes…cn u plz accpt diz vegan hearty request?

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