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Cinnamon roll recipe (vegan) – silent cooking

Today I am showing you my homemade vegan cinnamon roll recipe!!!! This video was insanely highly requested so I really hope you enjoy it! If you try it, i’d love …

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  1. Oh my goodness these look delicious (cinnamon rolls are the best things to exist) !! My brother is vegan so I definitely have to make these 🙂 I've recently started a cooking channel too and I totally should post vegan recipes too !!

  2. please make more of these silent cooking videos. they really help me relax in the midst of this crisis. i hope everyone is doing well 🙂 lots of love!

  3. Yay you posted! I love your videos and have been a fan for awhile. I first started being a vegetarian when I was 11, I'm twelve now and have been wanting to live more sustainably and try veganism. I always find myself coming back to your videos for recipes, and other sustainable tips. I think you should check out this other youtuber with sustainable living. Her channel is called " Sodona Christina" and I also enjoy her videos. Anyways, if you read this just know I love your videos (especially the what I eat in a day ones) and stay safe and healthy during these tough times! 💕✌🏻😊

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