Claire Saffitz Makes Confetti Cake | Dessert Person

Claire Saffitz Makes Confetti Cake | Dessert Person. Get ready to party! And by party, we mean stay at home and be safe. But fortunately, you need no special …

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  1. I actually mixed this whole recipe and poured it into a sheet pan and was able to create a perfect 2-layer half sheet cake for a party! Well, mostly perfect….I didn't level the batter out perfectly in one corner of the sheet pan, so that part ended up being a little thin, but it was perfect tasting and a huge hit at the party I brought it to! I pulled the sheet out after about 35 minutes and it was great! This recipe perfectly fit a standard sheet pan (I was a bit worried if I'd have to make recipe adjustments before I popped it in), which was a big relief because I wanted to make a confetti cake to feed a bunch of people, but the circle cake (while beautiful) is just a bit harder to parse to for a crowd. Thanks for the recipe Claire!

  2. I do a similar style, but add the butter and eggs, then add in 1/2 the milk a bit at a time to thin it, then wipe side and add in the rest of the milk. Whip it a minute then bake. Gives flat top and great texture. I’ve done this for at least 20 years. Works with boxed mixes, too😉.

    🤣. My husband hates when I tell him to cook by smell, which I do often. Sometimes I’ll holler to him that his food is cooked when he’s cooking. He hates it, especially if his timer says not yet. I’m usually right. Drives him crazy🤪😁

  3. i just made this cake and i'm freezing it for later but it turned out deliciousss, it is quite dense and really really moist so i don't think the soak would pair that well with it

  4. I made this and my cake came out way too dense. The frosting was delicious but the texture of the cake was not good. I don’t know what I did wrong 😭

  5. I understand that this probably won't get read, but I just made this recipe (I used poppy seeds instead of sprinkles, though). I thought I followed the mixing pretty closely, but I had giant holes that would make swiss cheese blush all through my crumb when I levelled it. Any idea what could have caused that?

  6. Just wondering, what do you do with all the deserts you make for your videos. (Just wondering because with all the swaps and stuff it seems like a lot of food to have around lol)

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