Classic Canadian Dessert Replication Challenge! | MasterChef Canada | MasterChef World

In this final pressure test of season 5, home cooks Michael G. and Andy are cooking head-to-head to determine who will earn the …

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  1. Have to say this masterchef is ten times better than the u.s masterchef. So much technique and even for home cooks. Judges are respectful and kind. 🙂

  2. Both of these home cooks, put forward fantastic efforts that got every element on the plate. There were some weaknesses in both, however this was a photo finish. Neither of them should feel bad about their efforts here. They worked hard, persevered, and did the absolute best that they could do. Vin Diesel's character likes to say "it doesn't matter if you win by an inch or mile, winning is winning." I think Masterchef has shown that time and time again – these people are all winners. I know some second and third place finishers, that are more well respected chefs today than the actual winners. We have to frame this correctly as a competition of some of the best home cooks in their country. Anyone at this level, under that pressure, could work anywhere in their country in the food industry, and not be remiss. For some of them, even globally, after getting the attention from this show.

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