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Classic Stuffing Recipe | Holiday Dinner Recipes

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  1. 2021. Made the stuffing and it was soooooooo goood. I added one link of hot chicken sausage, hot pork, sweet apple, and a very small portion of black raisins.

  2. Hello ❤️ using this recipe tomorrow and Thanksgiving how much vegetable broth do you use in what degree temperature do you put it in the oven at?

  3. You showed me how to make a traditional Thanksgiving dinner 5 years ago and I’ll forever be grateful. Growing up Latinx I didn’t really what sage, thyme, and parsley was. Lol! Till this day I come back to these videos around November to refresh my memory.

  4. I watched your cranberry video. Nice. Of all the things I couldda learned to make,I chose cranberry sauce. With bourbon. Nicer. Way-y-y-y nicer. ( maybe kids got the canned stuff)?

  5. I left out the bread last night to dry it out my wife got mad thinking I forgot that I was making a sandwich in the middle of it 😅

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