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Cold Lunch Ideas for Work or School | March 2020

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  1. My daughter was picky and could only have cold lunch (no microwave high school) and didn't like hot lunch…she would take a refried bean burrito wrapped in tin foil or plain hamburger wrapped in tin foil as well…she did liked it room temperature 🙂

  2. watching this, and seeing you put hot food in his lunch, a thought came to me, I am figuring Will works for Coca-Cola or drink company ? If he wants to heat up his food he could go into the convenient stores and warm it up in their microwaves! just a suggestion! love the videos as always <3

  3. Yummy looking lunches! Had it down to film a what I pack my wife for lunch this coming week….but now, I’ll probably just do a what we eat in a day since she’s off work for at least week. 🤷‍♀️

  4. Hey there. I find it so strange that the colours of the chip packets are different for us in Australia. Our nacho cheese flavoured Doritos come in a yellow pack, our red pack is the cheese supreme flavour. I wonder why they do this??

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