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Coles: Ready to Eat Vegan Meals Review

Coles supermarkets in Australia recently released three heat and eat meals, that are completely vegan! So I went and grabbed them and this is what i thought!

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  1. We only like the Penang Curry but it's too expensive considering you still have to add rice. It's imported from England. Surely an Aussie company could make it at a more competitive price. I notice the Penang sells quite fast at my local Coles but the others hardly seem to move from the shelf.

  2. I agree with your thoughts on the chilli. I found it quite tasteless and the serving size was pretty small (for the price). Some rice with it would have been nice.

  3. Cool to see these reviews man! Seems a bit pricey for what's offered but it's cool to see big companies offering vegan microwave meals ! Not sure if you've tried it already but you should give the new vegan range at Aldi's a try!

  4. A lot of people put dark chocolate in Chilli to give it the rich flavour, its not that uncommon.

    No rice/starch with either of those ready cooked meals, what a bummer. Without it, I doubt either would fill much of someones stomach. And pre-cooked Gyoza? Seems a bit silly considering it takes 2 minutes to pan fry them.

    I don't have much hope for Coles, I've stopped shopping there. They still don't stock (as far as I'm aware) decent vegan cheese range (or even a decent option), veganaise or any of the staples that Woolworths have been offering for months/years – apart from the same few Frys/Quorn/Vegie Delites products.

    I've emailed them showing them vegan trends, products and things such as nooch. I suggest others do the same so we can get Coles/Woolworths fighting for us vegan consumers!

  5. The Penang curry was nice, but better if it came with a decent amount of rice or couscous.

    The packaging is artificially inflated, to make the meal look bigger. And it's made in the UK! So not good environmentally because of the food miles.

    If it came with at least a cup of rice, or couscous, I'd prob buy it again, but as it is, it's a snack, not a meal, and not worth $6.50.

    But good on Coles for at least trying to provide some ready made vegan meals.

  6. You're spot on with the Gyoza, has just been re-branded and had a price hike, was $5 before. I grabbed the penang but haven't tried it yet, glad I skipped the chili. I was also surprised that neither were served with rice, very odd…
    Glad to have some kind of option, though at those prices I'd rather just grab min chips from the cnr shop if I want a lazy night lol

    Edit: Have you tried out the Fry's sausage rolls and prawn thingo's now at Coles too? They seem to be new, at least they are in my country bumpkin town. Sausage rolls are spot on (though I had to lower temp and cooking time. I did 170 for about 20 mins in my air fryer)

  7. Long time watcher, First time commenter. I Agree with you on all 3. The reason why this Gyoza beats KB's though is because it Gluten-free so I'd say it's worth it.

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