Vegan Recipes

Comforting Vegan Meals to make this Week!

This video includes 3 cozy, easy, tasty and most importantly comforting vegan meal ideas. Hope you like them! Share your recipe recreations with me over on …

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  1. I’ve made the lentil potato bake for my non-vegan parents and they absolutely loved it! It’s super yummy, thanks for the recipe, you never fail to amaze me with your ideas ❤️

  2. Made the last recipe tonight and WOW it was amazing!! I made it with spaghetti too since that’s all I could find for now, I played a bit with the peanut sauce ratios and used rice vinegar instead, added more veggies and phenomal! Loved it and it’s healthy! Perfect meal that I definitely needed for comfort ✨ ty!

  3. tried the first recipe and my lentil part looked kinda different than hers, and my cheese thing didn't pour as nice and mine is way uglier looking but STILL DELICIOUS OMG haha do not let appearances discourage you fellow viewers

  4. I cooked the Cheesy Vegan Lentil Potato Bake (but I am not vegan although I enjoy a lot of vegan meals) and I used what I had at home. Only difference is that I used Mozzarella Cheese and Skimmed Milk for the topping. BUT IT WAS SO GOOD. My whole family loved it.

  5. I made the potato bake for lunch today and it‘s so good omg! My brother and mother (neither are veggie and can be critical of vegan substitutes sometimes) both really loved it, will definitely make this again soon! The cheese sauce still tasted like corn starch after I added the cheese and stuff but the vinegar made it milder and I added nutritional yeast as well which really helped!!

  6. I‘m binge watching your videos since there is not much to do at the moment and I love your recipes❤️ I‘m a picky eater so there are normally not much recipes I can eat, but yours I can easily change up 😊

  7. the veggie noodles looks really gooddd… yum yum yum 🙂
    Im interested to know, how do u come up with those recipes at first? and how do u decide which ingredients to use and if they combine well when it comes to flavors? do you ever get to make something that taste bad? 😛

  8. What kind of blender do you use to make nutbutter and hummus? I've seen you use one with two rows of blades in an older video and I'm looking for a similar one right now 🙂 All the ones that work with a "stick blender" that I've seen so far only have one blade on the bottom of the big blender container :/

  9. We've been making something similar to the first recipe.
    It's basically just potatoes and cauliflower cut into chunks with a cheesy sauce and cheese on top.
    I bet this, but with the vegan cheese sauce you made would taste super good 🙂

  10. DID YOU USE A REMIX OF START OF SOMETHING NEW FROM HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL ?!?!?😱oh my god I was literally obsessed with high school musical as a child and was also Gabriella in my high schools musical of it . As soon as I heard it in the background I sort of geeked out😂

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