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  1. Hello if you are going through disaster in 2019- 2021 and you lost home, lost food, lost family, kindly Sent us your contact and get some upfront payment for thanksgiving and you can also file a claim for Christmas support……..

  2. So I made this with a spatchcocked chicken, did the potatoes AND the gravy. Only had the backbone for the gravy, but holy cow 🐄 it added so much more flavor than just pan drippings alone. I love Sam’s recipes! This was the best chicken I’ve ever cooked. Perfectly moist, juicy, and flavorful. Thanks Sam!!!!! 🤩

  3. I cooked your spatchcocked roasted turkey (wet brined), gravy and dressing for my crowd yesterday. GAF is not strong enough! They were all my bitches after the first bite! Turkey had unbelievable taste and, I know I'm not to say it but MOIST! Dressing was in it's own league and the gravy was the best I ever made! Your recipes are easy to follow and taste amazing. Thank you for making me a better cook and helping me to eat better!

  4. My wife and I hosted for the entire family for the first time since we got married in 2015. Followed your recipe for the whole meal and everyone loved it. Thank you so much for making our holidays special.

  5. Although I have always made a good turkey and I always wet brine for 24 hours, this is the first year I smoked one. It was so awesome. Best ever. I followed your stuffing and gravy recipes. I swear, I have never had anything like it. For the stuffing I used Chorizo. The stuffing had just the right amount of kick. Perfect. The gravy was out of this world.

  6. Watched this Wednesday morning, so had to stick with a 12-hour wet brine or 20-pounder, but had never removed the backbone and compressed the bird before – such a better way to cook and carve! Oh, and my gravy "Sam's way" was to die for! Love ya, STCG!

  7. Tried this today. I think I've decided that I don't like making turkey. Next year I'm going to the deli and getting some thick sliced turkey and being done. Every year something goes wrong. I'd rather enjoy myself for once.

  8. I just made this exact meal for Thanksgiving. Came out really really good as usual for Sam's recipes. But…while the turkey breast and thighs came out tender and juicy the drumsticks were extremely dry. Is there a tip to keep them poultry appendages from drying out?

  9. SAM!!! How Dare you say you don't need to worry about the giblets!! The heart, gizzard and liver are the Best parts!! And then!! You even threw out the back and the neck!! Sacrilege!!! I now Demand you make a whole show making them the stars!!

  10. I made the spatchcocked turkey this year, as well as the mashed potatoes and gravy following the instructions from this video. I have hosted a half dozen or so Thanksgivings, and I am a pretty decent home cook, but I felt I really hit a home run this year. Thanks Sam, love what you do and have always enjoyed everything of yours I have tried to recreate.

  11. Turkey is out the oven and cut, about ready to plate and it came out so damn juicy! The guests said no one but me is allowed to make turkey from now on. Only thing I added was some garlic to the butter. Thanks fir yet another great recipe. Oh, I also made the gravy.

  12. I just wanted to say thank you for these amazing recipes! We just finished Thanksgiving dinner and your maple carrots were a highlight of the meal only over shadowed by a similar version of your exquisite mashed potatoes! I did my turkey the same way you did except I used a treager and it was one of the best turkeys I've ever had! Thank you for helping to make my holiday incredibly!

  13. Sam. This thanksgiving I wanted to thank you and your boys for making it a great year. In food, laughter, and discovering new and fun ideas for us all to enjoy. It’s been great watching your channel grow and I wish you and your family all the health and wealth you well deserve. toh.

  14. You guys have totally changed our Thanksgiving for the more betterer! You are inspiration to me since my aneurysm caused me to change, I now cook again! Thank you, keep up the foul language, bantering back and forth and being yourselves as it is just like my family. The whole family now loves your channel! My family is from Canada, eh, and when you say out I hear my family up there. Thanks for the good memories, old and new. Max, excellent filming, Chance, wow those eyes and Sam, you and your restaurants are true winners, keep it up! Love you all!!

  15. I was torn between this recipe and America's test kitchen's spatchcock turkey. The glaze from ATK version scared me so I made it ahead of time to see if I liked it. It was good but not for me on the turkey. I'm going with yours. Turkey is spatchcocked salted and in the fridge. Wish me luck.

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