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Cook Along with Michael Symon | Pasta with Meat Sauce | Daily Dinner Day 16

Pasta with Meat Sauce is on the menu for another night of #SymonDinners! Is there anything more comforting? #StayHome #WithMe #WeCook *This video …

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  1. I really like Michael but when I see a problem, I have to flag it. In my opinion, he puts way, way too much sauce on the pasta. It's drowning in it. In real Italian cooking (and good Italian-American cooking), the sauce coats the pasta and that's it. If you want to serve extra on the side, that's your business but it's not necessary. The focus is intended to be the pasta, not the sauce.

  2. Good teacher! Learned a few little tricks even though I make the same sauce all the time. Poor doggie smelled all that meat cooking and got excited! What a cute, good little doggie! I like a pinch of sugar in my tomato sauces.

  3. Can you show us inside your refrigerator, freezer, & pantry? Hell, can we tour your entire kitchen? Please?
    Do you have obscene amounts of food saver containers? What are your must have gadgets, geegaws, small appliances?

  4. So many cooking shows focus on cross-contamination and washing hands immediately after handling protein, but it seems like you don't have to – can you confirm when it's necessary?

  5. Just discovered your show today, holy Thursday of lent . Wow, I'm learning a lot, thank you chef Symon.
    Do you still live in Cleveland? Greetings from AZ, former clevelander.

  6. Love these videos…..very helpful especially these hard days. So miss you and The Chew. Love that you added bacon to the sauce… son will eat anything with bacon. Making your mom's baklava is the best 👍❣ 🇨🇦🇬🇷

  7. This reminds me of exactly what food network used to be great chefs cooking great food. Ill take this any day over all the game shows they have now.

  8. Excelente y extraordinario chef. No sé inglés, ojalá lea mi mensaje. Hace tan bien sus recetas, con ver le entiendo. Muchas felicidades, con mucha admiración. Desde el Estado de México, Naucalpan. Muchos saludos para usted y la persona que Lee los mensajes. Gracias

  9. Sorry Simon but I never put oil in the pan when cooking ground beef and I have never had a problem with it burning.I would never add bacon to that pan either I would cook it separately and screen off the bat it's good to use and other things. Yuck have you ever taken a spoon and tasted that fat.

  10. This reminds me of the night my club was hosting a bunch of celebrities, I use to be homeless many years ago but then I became extremely wealthy, anyways at my club, at one table was Sean penn, Emeril, and the guy from the show Seinfeld that played Seinfeld, I'm not sure what his real name is, and also Ed O'Neil. They were all at my club because it was a big night, Emeril was suppose to cook a big meal in a couple hours, he was suppose to do gumbo and he had all his stuff in the kitchen while he was hanging out at the table. Now because of my homeless past, there was some other homeless that I was close with in the past, there was disco spider, railroad Ricky, dirty aggie, and Lanny. The shelters would give out free food to us all the time, one particular day the shelters gave us chocolate pudding, and that F***er Lanny wanted my pudding, so he licked his fingers and stuck it in my pudding, we started to go at it and Lanny pulled a knife on me, I looked around to try to pull out a weapon but I didn't see anything around, but then disco spider, who I owe a lot to, grabbed a pipe and hit Lanny right in the hand he was holding the knife with, he broke 3 fingers and his hand looked messed up, then disco spider who had big construction boots on, because he was given them from the shelter, kicker the s**t out of lanny, like really bad, I don't want to go over the rest of that story, but because of that, when I became wealthy, I never forgot disco spider, so I looked for him and found him, and asked him if he would like to work at my club, because it was already open for 3 years at this time, so I hired him at my club because of this. But this night with all the celebrities there, I sure payed for it. But back to the main story, Emeril went into the kitchen and started to cook his gumbo. Disco spider started arguing with him telling him that's not how you make gumbo. Now I have no idea this is going on until disco spider comes running out of the kitchen wearing Emeril's white coat and hat with the giant E on it. Disco spider starts throwing food on everyone's tables yelling bam, bam, bam. That's an Emeril line in case you didn't know. Then he screamed let's kick this up a notch and kicked over someone's chair. At this point, the guy who played Seinfeld put on his jacket and said I'm out of here. Sean penn started to call the police. Ed O'Neil actually threatened disco spider but disco spider said "out of my way Bundy, before I stick you." Then he started yelling let the horse's off the wagon, which is another famous lines of Emeril's. At this time Emeril just left and went out the back door. And pretty much everyone was clearing out at the time. The moral to the story is, you can't hire your pals. It never works out. Whether you believe it or not, that's up to you, but this story is true. Disco spider was only working for me for a week and a half and I had to let him go after that night. I gave him $700 and said I can't have you be here anymore bra. And he understood because he's a very good hearted person as you seen back when he defended me. There's even more stories of what he done for me in the past, but i don't want to go over all them. But it took me 2 weeks to get everything back in order with the club. And to get straight, and get the club's name good again. Because before this my club was doing great, just like it is now. I invited all the same people back over to make it up to them and they showed back up a year later with the exception of that Seinfeld guy because he's a big baby, Sean penn and Ed O'Neil and even emeril came back and they brought a different celebrity that I didn't recognize. But they all had a great night and said they understood that it was just a bad night because I owed my bra from the past.

  11. Thank you for these videos. Michael is THE BEST and Lizzy does a great job, too! If the networks were smart they’d make this a regular show.

  12. Oh my


    You have 2 autoimmune problems

    ( I have them both also)

    Here’s an fyi for you hon

    Tomatoes and ALL nightshade vegs etc will always bring on horrible flares from the 7th level of hades every time

    Take care hon and thank you ( and everyone helping you there) for all the time and work you put into these great videos

    AND I have to say this

    You have the patience of a Saint with a lot of the questions thrown your way lol

    Sends hugs from Anchorage Alaska


  13. Substitutes for onions: scallots or leeks
    Good quality tomatoes are naturally sweet.
    Italians tend to add diced carrots with the onions to cut acidity.
    If the tomatoes are super acidic or you don't have carrots, you can add a teaspoon of sugar.

  14. Love this real kind of video. Way better than food networks over produced perspective. I'm really glad Micheal Simon and Alton Brown are doing this right now. You guys are my heros

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