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Cook Along with Michael Symon | Protein and Pick-A-Bean | Daily Dinner Day 4

No matter what you’ve got at home, Michael Symon has a dinner idea for you! This time he’s showing how you can pick any meat and any bean to cook up a …

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  1. FYI… watching you on YouTube cuz I choose to limit my social interactions, having been online for decades. Hell, I have grandchildren! Please give us old farts some respect too.

  2. Please adjust the sound a little better. Your (camera girl) voice is clear and louder than Michael's. I turn it up to hear him and quickly down to not hear you so loud. When you're closer to him, his voice is more clear. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for this.
    Sometimes the professional chef forgets the common household.
    You need saffron…..
    Saffron is not in my budget.
    Can you do a video on mustard encrust and what it goes well on??

  4. I just made (and posted on my channel) an amazing 15 bean soup! I take out that nasty little “seasoning” packet and make it amazing with my own spices!!
    Thanks for these tutorials. They help us all!

  5. Hi chef Michael looks so good me I'm thinking pinto beans when you were talking hotdogs and beans growing up my family did too we also had sauerkraut to this day I have hotdogs ketchup and sauerkraut keep up the good work oh I get you on YouTube

  6. While I've been watching this video, I've been working on creamy sausage, cheese, and broccoli soup. Adding a potato, because I have plenty. Also a chopped fresh habanero pepper, which I adore! This is going to be great! What is everybody else cooking? Thanks Michael! 😌

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