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Cook Along with Michael Symon | Quick Steak with Pepper Relish | Daily Dinner Day 21

Quick Steak with Pepper Relish is ready in just 20 minutes #StayHome #WithMe #WeCook *This #SymonDinners video was previously recorded and filmed …

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  1. It’s been eye opening to see all the people so curious to learn more. My wife has learned so much in the 17 days I’ve been home. So everyone be proud and learn something new everyday.

  2. Michael, thanks for the video. I am a long time admirer of your work/presentation. I used to work in a kitchen while in college (mid-70's) and worked with someone that constantly wiped down his work area; a life long lesson. It brought a smile when I saw you doing the wipe down around the stove while cooking.

  3. Love the way you did the egg soufflé! The two variety’s of steak and the hash complimented it. Thx for another great invite to your kitchen. You look very dapper happy palm Sunday to you and all the gang Norman too even though he was running around in the yard having fun 😀😅 hv a great evening chef Michael

  4. Lol ur awesome maybe we will wear our Sunday best on Easter ty Mike and Liz you are helping me to get thru this I self isolated myself the first week of Feb cuz I'm immune compromised and sick with most of the hi risk crap so I'm about to go crazy lol so yeah thanx and please stay healthy

  5. That was a sad story about steak and eggs. There were alot of us and my father was a diesel mechanic for the railroad. He also had a garage and ran a wrecker service. Looking back, we didnt live in a swanky neighborhood but we ate really well. Meat every night and dessert. I remember going to a restaurant and ordering. The waitress looked at my father for approval. He said " she knows what she wants to eat. " We would go on trips and my father would always buy a watermelon at a roadside stand. He thought that would curb our appetites. It did not! 🤣 I'm very thankful for having the parents God gave me. They weren't the Cleavers but they were perfect for me. You've always been a favorite . Your so kind and relatable. God Bless 🙏❤

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