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Cook Along with Michael Symon | Sloppy Joe Tacos | Daily Dinner Day 3

If you love sloppy joes and you love tacos, you will love today’s Daily Dinner Most of the ingredients come from your pantry, and you can use any type of …

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  1. Samson. Old testament – a man blessed by God. And since he is the one you think of when talking about losing your bench scraper, we don't want anything like what he went through when he lost his hair to happen to YOU!!

  2. I feel sorry for extroverts right now. I’m hugely introverted and I feel like it’s a pandemic super power. Now extroverts want to know what introverts do all day. Nothing. We read, we garden, we avoid people. lol

    Stay strong everyone! We’ll get through this!

    PS Hi Norman! I have a busy pup, too! 😍

  3. I might suggest having the person filming rotate the phone horizontally rather than vertically!!!!! it would make for MUCH better viewing experience. Phones rotate!!!!!!!

  4. Have never liked the texture of onions in my recipes, but the flavor is so important, so I've always chopped the onions as finely as possible. They very nearly always puree while cooking, so I get the flavor but not the chunks!

  5. So I'm in California and I cannot find toilet paper, tortillas, beans or even maseca to make tortillas…I don't wanna hoard it I just want to cook it…the struggle

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