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Cook Along with Michael Symon | Stew with Root Vegetables | Daily Dinner Day 14

It’s easy to make a hearty stew with any root veggies you have on hand at home. Michael’s beef stew is loaded with carrots, radishes and turnips! #StayHome …

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  1. oh Micheal, love your recipe, but what l do is do l make some flour in a bowl, with the spices, and toss my meat in it ,, and then fry in evoo ,,, then after putting in all the taters and veg,, l add clamato juice,, and it makes a wonderful gravey to it,, and it thickens because of the flour on the meat… yummy give it a try.. also, l have been adding some pearl barley to it for more bulk, yummy

  2. This was fun! It’s cool seeing chefs during this time come up with creative and tasty meals from their pantry in their homes. This has definitely given me more meal ideas for now and for when the craziness of life ramps back up! 😂

  3. imho, if you've been saving that crisco…..makes a great brown! Just saying. 😉 I have plenty of carrots, some potatoes….little bit of beef. Always was stocked up on frozen corn. For us, it's not stew without some corn.
    😀 Hope everyone is being safe! <3 to all!! Thank you! Chef Symon.

  4. Potatoes get very sweet in the refrigerator after a while. When I made mashed potatoes, from my refrigerated potatoes, it tasted like someone put sugar in them.

  5. "Make a hearty stew," you say…I'd LOVE to chef, but all our food market had today was ONE rutabaga & a few boxes of fish sticks…Oh, I almost forgot… & a sad looking (half eaten) opened bag of Turkey Jerky…HaHa…Seriously, it's very enjoyable watching you so relaxed & cooking…Thank you for making these scary days feel a bit more normal, & for helping to fuel the Universal LOVE of cooking & experimenting with new food ideas… : )

  6. Leftover night for me. Turning beef with red peppers and onions into soup with fresh asparagus and cheese. Maybe a bit of white corn and potato. Sounds good to me!
    Thanks, Michael. I live in not just my slippers, but robe too. 😊

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