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Hey Rafikis! I am fund raising in collaboration with Human Appeal to feed 100 families in Yemen and Syria this Ramadan. Any donation will be truly appreciated, …

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  1. Hi Farhana. I loved you when I saw you with Joe Hattab, and I loved you when I learned that you are a Muslims. Greetings to you, your follower from Yemen. Ramadan Mubarak 💜🌹

  2. As a christian I have to say Muslims are truly blessed, they have a rich culture with healthy food and their women are very beautiful and talented. I met a girl once and she changed my perception completely. As a nation were blessed to have such people. Muslims also treated me well when I was abroad, very generous people.

  3. I love your new lifestyle videos! Of course I also loved your travel videos but I'm glad we get to see your amazing multifaceted personality mashaAllah 🥰💕

  4. Hi dear Ramadhan kareem 💜💫 may all your actions be accepted in this Holy month 🤲💫. Love u and stay healthy. Ramadhan Kareem once more 💜💫💗💖.

  5. Farhanaa I'm just curious…..these recipes you made before Ramadhan?? Cause giirrll even in your previous video you tasted the food😁 ….

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