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Cook Once, Eat All Week🍛 FINALLY! Easy, Healthy Meal Planning & Prep!

This is literally EVERYTHING I’ve been looking for in a meal plan! FAST prep (around one hour), healthy, simple ingredients, quick weeknight meals and …

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  1. Now that a little time has passed since you first tried this book. Do you still find it helpful, do you still use it? What are your thoughts on it now? thanks Fiona

  2. Hi Dawn, I really enjoy your channel and, oh boy, I am so tired of stuff.
    Anyway, I came to say something about meal plan.
    I found this app that I love, called MeaLime. I think you should give it a shot. You can choose your food preferences and the app will make your shopping list.
    Also in the phone if you choose the cooking mode when making the recipe you don’t touch your phone, just kind of cover the camera with your hand (just to shade, without touching the phone, and will go to the next step in the recipe (this doesn’t happen with iPad…:(
    Also the ingredients are listed (again) during the meal process.

    In my opinion the very best meal app i found. And it’s free. They have some recipes for pro app but you can feed your family for a loooong time just with the free option.

    One idea: for the “prep”, I think if we just chop veggies previously and let meat pre cut will be a big help. But even chopping and doing all the work when making a new recipe I never spent more than 40 minutes.

    Even my husband likes it!
    The food is really yummy, my son likes everything I made from there.

    I think more people would

  3. The first recipe didn’t look healthy. The barbecue sauce is probably filled with sugar and loads of other junk and it looked like you used white rice which is just a filler. It’s still better than buying frozen meals though.

  4. I'm really interested in getting this book! Thanks for the review! I have a family 6 and we never have enough time in our evenings for "good" meals. I would love to be able to do the prep once and just throw the rest together. Hopefully this works for us (and my fussy eaters!)

  5. Did your family get tired of chicken all week? I love doing prep and often cook chicken ahead and brown very lean hamburger on the weekends to help us during the week. Sounds good.

  6. I was initially skeptical when you mentioned cookbook because they’re typically full of items to which my husband is either intolerant or allergic, but you grabbed me with GF- & low dairy / conversion to Paleo, etc. I’m trying to help lower our food budget while also helping my husband eat better within his newly-discovers dietary constraints, so I may just have to grab this cookbook & see how / if it can work well for us. Thanks for showcasing this! 😊

  7. I’m always looking for a healthy meal prep that is not complicated .. seems like this checks the boxes. I am new to your channel and am enjoying it very much.. thank you for your hard work

  8. Great video. have been slowing minimising our home , 🙌🏻trying to destress our lives😀
    I have already try soo many different meal prep ideas, parts of them work and another part don't but this looks wonderful. Thank you love your channel

  9. I loved this video. It would be perfect for my daughter. But also I have lupus. Sometimes I have bad, achy days, and don't feel up to doing anything. But by prepping things ahead it wouldn't matter so much about the bad days. I could easily get out the prepped ahead food and have a good meal. Thanks so much! God bless you and your family. Mary from Ohio.

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