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GYPSY WIFE LIFE COOK WITH ME | THE BEST DARN STEAK YOU’LL EVER MAKE! Hey Yall! Welcome back to my channel! Or welcome to my channel if you …

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  1. I’m a French trained chef, so I learned that hit sear in the skillet snd finished in the oven is the only way to do a steak. I don’t like grilled steaks. I don’t put much seasoning on mine. Just a little bit of course ground sea salt and cracked black pepper. Instead I put the garlic and onion and parsley into a compound butter. And I use that butter in the skillet and top the steak with it. It’s super simple. Any leftover butter can be used for so many things including popcorn.

  2. I have a FANTASTIC marinade for steaks. I marinade for 2 days. In a gallon freezer bag, add the steaks, add a quarter cup of each: Dale’s liquid seasoning, Worcestershire sauce, apple cider vinegar, add a table spoon of garlic powder and onion powder. Put the bag of steaks in a bowl in the refrigerator. Fix the bags over a couple of times a day. Makes it SO tender and you don’t need steak sauce.

  3. I love the cast iron skillet, my husband travels for work, so if I’m wanting some steak, I gotta cook it. I like the the steak out of the cast iron skillet best, but do miss the bbq flavor. Great job girl. Yummm

  4. Here I am, putting potatoes in the rice cooker and wishing I thawed steaks instead of chicken. I blame you for making that steak look delicious.

  5. Looks delicious.. thanks for the tips! I wish I can make same meals for me and hubby.. but he's a vegetarian and I'm a meat eater.. I always have to make 2 separate meals 🙁

  6. I’m convinced people who don’t like steaks had under seasoned and poorly cooked ones as kids. That’s how it was in my family. My husband cooks better than restaurant steaks so I love them now. I highly recommend looking up butter basting in the cast iron. We also stopped peppering because pepper can burn and that also improved taste.

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