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COOK WITH ME | Healthy Recipe for Weight Loss (vegan)

hi guys. SO I decided to try a new kind of video and I hope you all enjoyed. Let me know if you like this style of video in the comments and make sure to LIKE …

Custom Keto Diet

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  1. Hey Erica, Im Maria from Greece
    I would like to tell you to not worry about the bad comments you’re getting about your relationship with Rick.. I totally feel how big your love is for him..I am getting attracted too from much older men..the problem with this was always the judging that you will receive by the society.
    I want to congratulate you for breaking the boundaries with such boldness.
    Be yourself.
    I love you (s’agapo)

  2. You honestly deserve more views! You can tell you put so much effort in your videos, your content is great and you post so often. I’m shocked you aren’t already at a million subs, definitely one of my new favourite youtubers!! 💗

  3. Hi, Erica. Here is a fan from Brazil. A retired doctor, inventor and philosopher, besides a dozen of other skills. In medical field I dealt with psychological issues for 7 years and your last video called my attention. I would like to chat with you abou it. FB Jurandy Mello in PVT, please, if you wish.

  4. I recently started following you and I feel like you have the potential to have your channel BLOW UP! You’re great to listen to. Best of luck!!! ❤️💯

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