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  1. I made this but I started it on the stove and finished it in my crock pot… So good! 😋 I did add the Trader Joe's Italian Style sofritto seasoning blend. It's a bunch of dried herbs and a square glass jar. Uff! Like I said," So good!" 👍

  2. That's right. When I make baked Ziti, I don't put meat in it. It's pasta sauce, can tomatoes, tomato sauce, almost any kind of pasta shapes, cottage cheese and egg, and any kind of shredded cheese. Bake for 30 minutes. Yum!!

  3. what is the size on the casserole dish please? it should tell the size on the bottom of the glass dish….why do you not use your dollar tree cookbooks for recipes?? it would be nice if you would use those that way we could buy that particular cookbook.

  4. I am so glad I found this channel. Our lives are very similar, and I feel a connection with you. I am excited to watch all your videos.

  5. What a time saver this is a great way to do it and I am Italian so you can imagine how much time it takes to due it the way my grandmother taught me thanks for the tip !

  6. Looks amazing ☀️ I just did one similar last week but with little meatballs instead of ground beef it was so yummy 😋

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