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Cookie Dough Energy Balls 🍪 EASY VEGAN SNACK RECIPE

Recipe down below. WOW, these are way too good! I’m excited to share with you my cookie dough energy balls. These make a great snack and will last a while …

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  1. Just made them! OMG! Yuuuummmmm! My friend and I are going to start making all your stuff on the daily! Licking bowl- mandatory. 😉

  2. Hi Derek, I'd really like to try the protein you recommend in this video but it seems they don't deliver to Canada? I tried both the links you have and tried purchasing through the UK site but no dice. Thoughts? Aren't you in Canada?

  3. I made these using soy milk powder in addition to the soy milk because I like them a bit drier. I live in FL and because power outage is something we have to live with it’s always in my pantry.

  4. Just made these for the 2nd time. First time added too much milk and they came out soggy. Should I store them in ths fridge after, or are they okay left out in a air tight container?

  5. They look amazing, very similar to the ones I make, except I don't blend the oatmeal. I will have to give it a shot and also start using some shredded coconut. Thank you for all your great recipes! Very helpful.

  6. Just made these this morning. It's hard to not get the dough to stick to my hands though! They are really sticky. I put mine in the oven for 10 minutes at 375. I figured since it's cookie dough, I should bake them into cookies! Thanks for the awesome recipes.

  7. I am addicted to these. I've probably made them at least 10 times with some variation. Although, my wife doesn't like them at all. That's okay because more for me. LOL

  8. What I did differently:

    I didn't have dates so I used half a cup of brown sugar
    I used wet PB2 instead of normal peanut butter
    I added dry PB2 instead of protein powder
    I added raisins


    I made the stickiest thing known to man. XD I probably should have just kept adding oat flour but I made the mistake of taste testing it. lol. I probably shouldn't have added the dry PB2. I wrapped it in parchment paper and then wrapped that in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge. That might firm it up a little bit. But it's EXTREMELY rich. I could only tolerate a few spoonfuls before my stomach started to rebel.

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