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Cookin' at the Cabin | A Week of Dinners

We create one week of home cooked meals at the cabin, including tried and true dishes as well as new creations that left us wanting more. The foods we have …

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  1. the fact that you make the most delicious looking dinners with what you raised, gathered, grown etc… and normal everyday americans have this all at the push of a button and yet stick to fast food…………… so talented and would love to learn how to cook with cast iron. love the channel

  2. can u guys do a vid cooking what u catch/harvest in one day? it seems like it would be a real push to do that out there

  3. Onion rule that may help. When cutting onions place a wet paper towel next to the cutting board. Onions draw closer to water sources. There for no hurt or teary eyes.

  4. Just curious, what's the best way you've found to reheat leftovers? Just toss it back in a pot? Or are you like me and don't even bother? Lol

  5. Wow! I want to eat your meals with you! I'm going to can your green salsa this summer and make your Enchilada's. Love watching you two everyday. From pot stickers to chili and even canned bread! Loved
    Eric's cinnamon rolls. Keep all you video's coming. God bless you and keep you safe and warm A dedicated friend from

  6. Legit, at the end with the icing on the rolls i was chuckling at the amazing looking food. New to the channel and loving it. Seen a few different eras due to the algorithm, your camera charisma has skyrocketed!

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