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Cooking with Chickpeas | Tips and New Vegan Recipes | Good Eatings

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  1. Hi Malin, in the south of Italy especially Basilicata and Puglia black chickpeas are cooked with cardoncelli mushrooms (no idea of the english word:) in a kind of soup and topped with cooked dark greens (we call it cicoria). These types of dishes are traditionally vegan as people could not afford to eat meat. Love your content, xo from Milan

  2. I made your mayo and it was so good! I didn't expect such a creamy finish! Thank you Malin. I love watching your videos again and again. Really inspiring.x

  3. I love chickpeas too, in savory and sweets recipe. I put them in almost everything, stews, currys , soups, salads , tuna sauce and hummus , but I also made blondies and brownies and cookies out of chickpeas. Not very keen on aquafaba though

  4. So glad your back. I actually cook the green and black chickpeas , I purchase from my local Indian market here in Culver City California. Usually you have to cook them way longer even when soaking over night. So I use a pressure cooker ninjafoodi on 40 minutes high pressure and then if they are still not soft enough I do an additional 15-20 min on high pressure. 😀 And then use them in any recipe. I use the kala Channa ( black chickpeas) in a mock vegan chili recipes . So I replace them for the red kidney bean instead. It is really good 😋 my Instagram is @myvegansol 😀

  5. Just loved the recipes! It’s really important to peel the chickpeas once they are cooked so we can get rid of the huge concentration of phytate present on their skin, which is really bad for our health and digestion. Thank you so much for your videos, they are perfect! 💕✨

  6. What a fantastic video, who knew chickpeas came in different colours😮
    I like to add grated carrot to my chickpea tuna. Will be trying the mayo, you make it look so simple.
    Thank you Malin. Xx

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