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Cooking with Lentils: Pantry Staple Series | 3 New Vegan Recipes | Good Eatings

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  1. These look so yummy! I'm new to your channel and blog – looking forward to visiting more often. Also love the small pottery bowls with ribbing pattern. Where did you buy them?

  2. Jättebra video som vanligt! Jag tycker om linser men vet inte hur jag ska använda dom förutom i dhal så det här var toppen!

  3. This a beautiful video showing versatile cooking techniques for an array of lentils.
    Your new home is transforming nicely. When will you show more of your decorating progress? You have as good eye for minimal zen style.

  4. Great video and lentil recipes. My favourite lentil recipes are Lentil Dahl, Lentil and Mushroom shepherd pie and Lentil Bolognese. Keep safe and well everyone.

  5. I like to buy the lentil in dry pack. I think “canned lentil” might have preservative or something’s. Thanks for sharing those informations

  6. Beautiful video! The recipes are straight forward and realistic. My toddler poops out the beluga lentils whole, so I tend to use red lentils on just blend them if I still want a dark lentil for the iron contents and better absorption. Red lentils soup with lemon and yellow miso is delicious!!!

  7. i have so many lentils (tinned and dry) that i've been trying to figure out what to do with so this is perfect, thank you!! hope you're doing well and staying safe!

  8. This is a wonderful idea for a series on pantry staples!! 😀 I am excited to try the lentil patties! My husband (who is not vegan) said "Wow, those look good!" 💕

  9. What a delight to see you Malin! This is already the making of a wonderful series. I have a bag of green lentils and am inspired to trying something new with them. Thank you for sharing your creativity – cannot wait for the next videos!!

  10. Just love these lentil recipes, very inspiring. If I had to choose a favourite it’s probably the patties, but the soup sounds amazingly simple to make and freeze. I’ve just got really into roasting carrots, so the lentil salad looks like the one to make this week, love the almonds on it but dried cranberries I am not sure about. Love them on my porridge though 😋

  11. Glad to see you gain 😍, and yes we (the middle eastern country) called for any kind of soup. “shurba / shurbat ” means soup . Like lentil soup we said “ shurbat Adas “ lentil means adas in Arabic

  12. So nice to see you. Your food always looks so delicious! The music and your voice are very calming too. And thanks for posting the recipes! Glad you are staying safe and healthy 🌷

  13. I ALWAYS cook my lentils with some aromatics 😀 It honestly makes the biggest difference and is worth that little extra effort as you can taste it in the final product- especially when the lentils are the star of the dish!
    The recipes you've come up with are fantastic! I will be definitely trying to switch my lentil game with some of your tips!

  14. I loved the preface for the video and for each recipe! It made the video much more informative and interesting!
    Also, the shots and the edit were (as always!) incredibly beautiful. Charming, calming and eye-pleasingmaking it a PERFECT video for….pretty much any time of the day, year or even decade 😀

  15. An absolutely FABULOUS idea for the series! I am very excited for the rest of it!
    And the first topic is perfectly chosen! Lentils are so versatile, nutritious and delicious!

  16. Lentils are one of my favorite foods! These recipes all look delicious. I love the combination of textures and colors in the salad. Also, your pottery is gorgeous!

  17. Would be great to hear your take on sustainability at this time. What compromises are you making if any, are you still able to conserve, to buy seasonally/locally/in bulk, etc.

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