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Corned Beef and Cabbage For St. Patricks Day

It’s a staple for St Patrick’s Day and the family loves it! What are your St Patrick’s Day traditions? Corned Beef and cabbage is super easy to make and a few extra …

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  1. I feel like you’re in a bathing suit and a cover because Florida is swim weather 😭😭 ……Alabama got warm, had tornados and got cold again

  2. Mm… corned beef. Had corned beef, cabbage, carrots, and salt potatoes (didn't use salt). There was cabbage salad but my plate already had enough on it. Cabbage salad is almost a whole head of cabbage shredded, shredded baby carrots, miracle whip, and canned crushed pineapple. We added marshmallows and maraschino cherries too. It looked delicious and pretty. We made the other stuff in an instant pot. Got lucky and found unsalted beef broth (it has some salt, but no added salt).

  3. Hi there I was wondering do you put the seasoning that comes with the corn bear. Do you put it right in the pot of put the seasoning in a tea steamer so that the seating is easier to handle with the tea steamer ball

  4. Is corned beef supposed to be Irish? Maybe it’s an Irish American thing because the closest meal I can think that we have here is called bacon and cabbage which is more like ham than beef 💚

  5. St Patricks day is my husbands birthday lol so if hes home we have a birthday party. When hes not we just celebrate another day… nothing special… we do like green. We dont drink… never had corned beef. We perfer good steaks instead lol

  6. St. Patrick’s Day is also my husbands birthday, so we always combine the holidays. We are from Ohio and love our chili, so we usually go to Skyline to have chili spaghetti and coney dogs. The best thing about going to Skyline on St. Patty’s day is that they have green spaghetti!!! The boys love it! 💚😊

  7. Bacon and cabbage here in Ireland: the bacon is usually a piece similar size to your beef, back bacon or oyster bacon we call it. Boiled, same as you. If you add a bit of coke to the water it will enhance the bacon flavour. The water gets quite salty of course, so when you add the cabbage it cooks in the brine and is perfectly seasoned. We steam the spuds (potatoes) on the side, especially since our potatoes are very floury and they would dissolve in the brine. I don't add any other veg to bacon and cabbage.

  8. Whatever about the corn carrots! Lol your natural face is so beautiful to me! You look gorgeous with makeup of course but your all natural look shines bright!

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