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Coronavirus pandemic sharpens appetite for organic food | COVID-19 Special

Eating at home is the new normal now for most of us around the world. Kids don’t go to school, so there are no school meals. Adults can’t eat out because …

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  1. Really great listening to the organic food producer, and especially the last person who responded to the question regarding what elements constitute perfect meal, to eat in equal proportions legumes and nuts as one category, the other category fiber, and the third category vegetables ( and not so much red meat ). What I found ironic of the producer of this piece was to juxtapose a picture of cherries next to the speaker as he answered the question if matters whether it's organically grown or not, since we all know that cherries are one of the worst fruits or vegetables regarding pesticide residuals thereby biasing whatever the speaker said.

  2. Totalitarian vaccination and contact tracing = The 'Final Solution' to the ideological problems of overpopulation, population ageing, welfare budgets and climate change! Forthcoming enslavement, genocide and ultimately extermination of us all!

  3. The AIDS Virus has 9000 To The 4th Power of Variants. COVID-19?? Read, “This Is A Bio-Attack Alert”, by Doctor Robert B Strecker a Medical Doctor with a PhD In Pharmacology who said, “There Is No Proof Any Vaccines Cure Anything”.

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  5. Glyphosate is in everything. 90% of our food is covered in chemicals. These chemicals accumulate in the body over time. The body cannot get rid of of them. They interrupt the endocrine system and cause most of our modern health problems. Organic should be the bare minimum. Nothing less. Organic. Non GMO.

  6. Healthy food does help the people that get to eat it, the problem is not all have the ability to eat good with lack of salary from working a job while lock down happen…

  7. Starts with story on healthy eating and how much this impacts our health. Ends with a fun bit about sugary cake… which, aside from a moment of fun, contributes nothing to our good health and indeed quite the opposite.

  8. My father does not want me to buy organic food because he complains that it is too expensive. Once he scolded me for accidentally buying organic bananas and organic apples at a supermarket because he said that I spent a lot of money on them.

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