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COSORI AIR FRYER – Review and Recipe Demo

Please see my product review update in the comments. Get your Cosori air fryer here: …

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  1. UPDATE ** October 4/20*** Air fryer continues to work very well. The only issues I have had are that the little screws that hold the handle on have a tendency to loosen and fall out into your food (this happened twice), so you have to check periodically to see if they are loose. The handle on my air fryer broke off a the top of the handle (plastic broke). I had to buy another fryer basket ($38 CAD), this was worth it to me because I received this for free, but if I had paid for it , I would have been upset. Still enjoying this machine very much and used it mostly to make potatoes because it is so fast and less messy than a deep fryer.

  2. you said this will be for 2 ppl and i see it its not even for 1 grown up man:) true test is when this will be full of fries not few on the bottom

  3. Is there a cool down button or something after you’re done cooking or do you just put it back together and let it the whole cabinet cool down by itself

  4. Adding two tablespoons of oil is 240 empty calories. My suggestion is to skip the oil and season with lots of healthy herbs so you can eat even more potatoes. I lost 70lbs on The Starch diet. My lunch and dinner plate always consisted of half steamed veggies and half starch (potatoes, beans, corn, rice, pasta). Eat until you are full and lose 10 -20lbs a month. No oil ever.

  5. Do not use spray, even olive oil spray! It will cause your basket to peel. Use light olive oil too because extra virgin will smoke. Also, you can line the bottom (not basket) with aluminum foil, just don't let it impede the basket holes. It stays so clean!

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