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Costco and Whole Foods Post Vacation Restock Vegan Haul, March 2020 NMNB Live # 31

This video will show what we refilled our empty refridgerator with after our 2 week vacation, This morning we visited Costco and Whole foods to replinish our …

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  1. A lovely video, I have sent to to my son Brian and sister in law Dorothy they live in England, and my daughter Sandra here in Western Australia, I am still hoping they will go vegan like me ! Thank you you are a delightful couple,

  2. We are new here…… we also are retired and just started eating this way the first of the year. It has been so much fun. My husband has lost 20 lbs and weighs what he weighed 49 years ago, before we married. He has been such a trooper to help me lose weight. Nothing, nothing has been so helpful as eating this way. I’m recovering from a few brain surgeries and have gained so much weight. But that’s ok…. I’m losing a lb or more a week! We will be following you! We are heading to Costco today!

  3. I guess enough people liked this video because it was in my recommended videos, lol! As someone that's new here I was a little upset/put off by how many times you used the word diet. I believe in intuitive eating & not trying to lose weight but trying to care for/listen to your body. I'm going to watch a few other videos to see if your as weight loss focused as this seemed & hopefully I won't be too triggered by the diet talk. Since my mom is diabetic the SOS principal is something I'd like to incorporate more of into our lives, I just think the focus should be on the food because it's good for our bodies not because of our waist lines. I have no intention of going fully plant based but definitely think there's stuff I could learn here to keep my family healthy. 💖

  4. This is so helpful – thank you! I am wondering if you could possibly mention how to oven bake foods that you air fry? I got rid of my air fryer because the smell of the motor made me nauseous. I live in Solano County. I hope to meet you some day. 🙂

  5. I keep laughing at y’all shushing each other..😂😂😂. Can’t tell you’ve been cooped up on a boat together for a week at all…🤣. For people who don’t like red beets, try the gold beets. They are much sweeter and not as earthy.
    Please do more videos on your recipes!

  6. Interesting I think you 2 are amazing in your commitment to the vegan SOS diet. Seems like a lot of work to me. I'm kindof a 'jack vegan" LOL.I have lost and maintained a weight loss of over 30 # since 2017 my BMI is 53. Wanted to let you know if you were not aware, if a product says organic it is not GMO whether that is on the package or not. However a non GMO is not organic unless it also has organic on the package. Hope that is understandable. I do enjoy your interaction. I feel like I've had a visit with friends when I watch you 2. Helps a lonely old vegan. Love your recipes and have tried some. Thank you both!

  7. You guys are cute together. I have seen Tom really “blossom” here. He was so quiet a year ago, basically behind the scenes, and now you both vie for air time to add to the discussion.

  8. Your Costco has so much more organic produce than mine in suburban NY. I get a great sweet kale salad there, but it's not organic. You guys are too cute. Love your videos and look forward to seeing you in May in Palm Springs!

  9. I’ve been making your Alfredo sauce for a couple of weeks now. So good!! I’m one that doesn’t like cauliflower and I was so surprised and happy that I don’t taste the cauliflower.

  10. I'm pretty sure that what I've read about corn is that sweet corn is non GMO. If you buy regular corn (not sweet corn), it will be GMO. If I buy frozen corn that is not sweet, I make sure that it's organic~ which is automatically non GMO.

  11. I don't have a Costco membership, wish you would have mentioned prices so I could compare. I'm also on a strict budget and love fresh produce. So glad you enjoyed your cruise, can't wait to hear about it.

  12. ????I was unable to watch and ask my question live so I hope you see this.
    When you are shopping, do you do a count or do you use a plan to make sure you have enough vegs and fruit for the week?
    I realize that you can freeze excess but I dislike running back to the store because I've run out.
    Also, could you share you total spent for comparison to my part of the country????

  13. Great video full of great tips! As far as what else we'd like to see… would love to see how you organize your spices. I keep mine alphabetical but have so many they're in FOUR different locations … don't have somewhere to keep them all together. I'm sure you have great tips for spice organization.

  14. Really enjoyed this! Another idea… 1x/week I dice a Japanese sweet potato and 1-2 orange and purple flesh varieties (depending on the size and availability) and layer in a silicone baking dish. I also peel and dice a large butternut squash and layer in another silicone dish. I add a small amount of water to each dish, cover with a silicone mat and "roast" at low heat for about 30 min before stirring and removing the mat for another 40 min in the oven. LOVE having that on hand for any bowl, salad, to add to applesauce or in baking!

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