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Today we have 3 healthy winter breakfast recipes that are cozy, comforting and perfect for a chilly morning! These recipes are healthy, gluten-free and can also …

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  1. I just made the carrot and tumeric soup and it’s SO DELICIOUS!!!!!! So easy to make, so simples and amazing. The coconut milk and the ginger really added a special flavour. I have soup for the entire week in my fridge now 🤗

  2. Thanks for the recipe! Easy to make. I just made the Healing Cauliflower Soup. But 1 Teaspoon of pepper was definitely too much. I would suggest 1/4 tsp or 1/2 tsp.

  3. The cauliflower soup is awesome. I did kinda changed it. Instead of leeks I used white onion and a shallot. I couldn’t find leeks 🙁. Then I used roasted cashews instead of raw (they are hard to find!!!). I did use lemon juice. But still, sooooo awesome. Thank you!!!

  4. Alright, I just finished a 40 day fast and for the first couple of days after, I drank juice to awaken my digestive system again, but I made these and froze all 3 of them a week before my fast was over. These were officially the first things I ate after my fast was done. They are really incredible soups! I cant decide which one I like the most. I will probably make these often. I will still be eating just soups for another week, so I am considering making these again in a few days. Thank you for posting these.

  5. I prefer using my hand immersion blender instead of transferring the soup to a blender. That way you can purée the soup in the pot. Less cleanup. Less risk for burning yourself.

  6. My dear. I am on a fixed income. You are high maintenance. Can you not have some inexpensive alternatives to stretch the budget so I can then buy some of the other stuff?

  7. Hi! Love your cook. I'm Italian, can you use English subtitles? 'cause I think it would be clearer (for people like me that don't speak English very well)

  8. Ah, thank you so much for the potato leek soup recipe! I've been bummed for a while since I've become lactose intolerant and cannot consume dairy products anymore.
    Potato leek soup was one of my absolute favourites to make and now I can make it again with this recipe. ~

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