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Crispy Beef Bread Roll | Cooking with Ammi Jaan [NEW RECIPE 2020] | Recipe in Urdu / Hindi

VIDEO LINK: Assalamoalikum!! I am here with another Cooking Tutorial and in this video, I will show you how …

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  1. Beautiful colour beef bread rolls 😍😍😍 looks so crispy and yummy 😋😋😋 thank you for sharing your awesome recipe dear sis here for you 🎁 from new family 😍

  2. Walekumasslam MashaAllah zabardast bahot hi yummmmmmmy yyyyy 👌👌👌 big lk…… nice presentation 👌👌 l m new member in ur home 🤝 jazaak Allahkhair 🤗

    sister how are you I hope you're fine and well in shaa Allah. you made really delicious Beef Rolls looks very tasty ma shaa Allah fantastic cooking 👌new friend joined please stay connected thank you 🔔👍

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