Crispy Chicken Wings and Three Appetizers / Superbowl Food Ideas

superbowelfood #gamedayappetizers #appetizers Krispy Chicken Wings and Three Appetizers / Superbowl Food Ideas. In this video I share with you three …

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  1. I love the buffalo chicken dip I make it every time we have a gathering. Will be making it for Super Bowl as well. The crest of the food looks absolutely yummy.

  2. OMG girl you have my mouth watering everything looks so good my daughter loves chicken wing dip and loves to make it but we live in western NY Buffalo the home of the Chicken wing did you know they were invented in Buffalo at the anchor bar but one thing western or Buffalolionings do not use ranch dressing it is a No No here they use only Blue Cheese dressing you notice I said they use Frankly I don’t care for blue cheese or ranch dressing just not a fan of either but I guess it where in the country you grow up and blue cheese is the popular choice here in Buffalo any everything looks amazing and I can’t wait too try your recipes out Thank you so much for sharing I have to get a towel to dry the drool up 👍🏼❤️

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