Cult of the Lamb Is WORTH Your Time…But It's Not Perfect | Spoiler Free Review

Cult of the Lamb has burst onto the scene as the Roguelite to beat in 2022, but does it deserve all the praise? In this Worth Your …

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  1. Spoiler free and you reveal almost the entire story 🙁 but the game looks so amazing that i will still get it 😊 since ilove the 4 things that combines
    1. Top down hack and slash
    2. Dungeon- rogue like
    3. Cartoonish crisp graphics
    4. Lovecraftian/Dark/Cosmic horror themes

  2. Im hoping the free dlc will adress the lackluster roguelite elements of the game, since i feel like the game is kinda mediocre on both sides (the building sims and roguelite)
    Also theres still quite problems of the game, especially on switch console, even on PS5 theres kind of lag/stutter in some scenarios, but the most problem are in the church when we doing rituals, sermon etc it sometimes stuck, also theres a stuck and out of screen problems in the dungeon too

    So its okay if anyone want to wait for a discounted price, so they will get a better and completed experience of the game

  3. this is a weird game where it's built on two relatively big flawed systems and is still amazing. the management Sim is limited, and the Rouge lite is simple, neither are great mechanically. yet the world is so dark and cute, the rituals so bombastic, and experience so addicting it's a must play. is it perfect? not at all. is it worth playing, hell yeah, one of the great indy gems of the year for sure.

  4. as my first rougelike,
    i am absolutely loving it
    never thought managing health will be a fun thing in a game
    whereas most games gave infinite supply of potions and healing items
    RNG is fun rather than being frustrating
    also this game fills you up, you are not not playing "one more day" like stardew.
    i play 1½ hour a day and not wanting to play more. really love it.

  5. Well the game did just come out so there’s bound to be some issues and the common consensus seems to be that it’s short but has a lot of potential. With it’s current popularity and the existence of a road map, I’m optimistic the devs will be able to grow and expand their game further to make it a more solid title.

  6. I just finished the game and overall liked it, but my biggest problem is the rogue-like gameplay it has. It has way too few weapon choices, it feels there are just two types of weapons honestly and nothing special or funny about them. I really think it should have a much higher variety when it comes to that, also the card draws are pretty boring as well.

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  8. I love the game except for what I think is a bug where all my follows do not show up in menus. It chooses 6 of them arbitrarily and I have no say. So I have 18 followers and one of them asks me to sacrifice them it's highly likely they won't appear in the temple ever. Stuff like that.

  9. I love this game, period. It pains me seeing the bugs that make the enemies and bosses glitch outside the map. But with the way you can return back to camp I can forgive. Developers deserve big props for this game. This has been an amazing experience

  10. Always love the honesty in these reviews, I picked it up at launch and I completely agree with everything said here, if it just had a bit more replay value I would still be playing it but I already did everything and I'm done with it

  11. Totally agree on the combat critique. Also, it feels like it took a lot of work to get my base going, then I beat the game and I felt a tad robbed. I kept playing to try and flesh out my base a bit more, but there was just a lack of postgame content to justify any more time into it. Still a dope experience and a beautiful game in a lot of ways.

  12. I would say it's more of a Management Sim, but with Rogue-like elements…Stardew Valley also has dungeons (even tho not randomly generated) Great review as always Kodiak!

  13. My fiance's son might like this game. He used to play games like Don't Starve and Binding of Isaac. Also Animal Crossing. So he'll definitely like this.

  14. I love this game, but it feels a bit beta still. It's going to need more content to keep it repayable. Right now it's just a one time play through, but a fantastic one time play

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