Cust Corner XIX – Toast, Appetizers, Fortnite Concert, Staying Indoors, Cooking with Pam + More

In the nineteenth edition of Cust Corner, Pat Mayo, Garion Thorne & Tim Andercust discuss Cust’s gripes about the type of toast he enjoys, Fortnite Concerts, …

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    0:22 Giveaways
    2:53 Types of Toast
    13:52 Fortnite Concert
    30:37 Patios
    40:04 Appetizers
    50:24 Cold Butter/Cooking
    55:59 Pop Culture
    1:01:21 Tim’s New Phone
    1:11:29 Alcohol Parties
    1:16:05 New Flavors of Coke

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  2. Tim you are crazy and insane on brand loyalty. I like to try different places. Having the same thing everyday is very plain and boring and unadventurous. If you have an experienced pallet as you said you do, then you would want to diversify the food you eat to have a wide array of various foods to experience.

  3. DK: wdwhitaker24
    When cust said that Killah Keith had no chance bc he has never heard of him at API only for him to storm to a victory over Rickie and Brooks

  4. will have to disagree for fist time in years with pat …dude you go to a restaurant more then once im sure….your a fucking regular ..doesnt have to be alcohol you just needed to put bad notation against tim.. in and out burger or wherever you eat mcdonalds …your a regular ….juss sayin

  5. I feel bad, yes Tim’s takes are usually egregious and outrageous, but this shows supposed to be about him and friendly banter, but every episode ends up in Pat belittling and mocking Tim.

  6. Rickie has not been the same since Tim picked him to win the PGA; I wish he had just gone with Brooks. Tim, I love this show so much more when you're involved. Live the truth.
    DK: ccttcc818

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