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Cutting Out Sugar, Fridge Cleanup, Healthy Snack Haul | UPGRADE YOU EP1: Health

New year new series: UPGRADE YOU! Every month I’m gonna tackle a new topic you’ve told me on my Instagram that you wanna work on in the new year + …

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  1. Try to do overnight oats they are so easy to prepare and add things you love like cinnamon and apples with soy or almond milk, etc. You can add almond slices, dry coconut, add some agave. I look forward to eating breakfast and I enjoy oats more. pick up limes has great videos

  2. Can you pleaseeee do a video on cutting out alcohol!? That would hit so many different audiences and there's much that goes into it – I imagine you'd have a lot ot talk about just with that one topic

  3. i grew up with a fridge that was always filled to the brim and always filled with expired, moldy, rotting food because it never got cleaned out. living on my own i learned to keep my fridge mostly empty with just enough to get through the week and not buy so much it will go bad. i can never go back to a crowded fridge!

  4. my biggest tip for not wasting fruit/veg is to not go crazy and buy a lot of it at once. that’s something i did a lot for a while, got on a healthy kick and bought all the perishable food that sounded good at once. but you’ll never eat it fast enough, especially if healthy eating is new or hard. buying enough for 2-3 days means you’ll go to the store more often but you’ll waste less

  5. GIRL i need this so bad right now, and your declutter video.
    hearing you talk about fast food & unhealthy food habits is so relatable and i love that you’re so open about it. a lot of people in your position wouldn’t share that they like this kind of food, or that they struggle with it sometimes, and your realness is really inspiring.

    “i’ve never liked dominos because i care about myself”
    S A M E

  6. I highly recommend the book Buy Yourself the Fucking Lilies by Tara Schuster! I wish I could buy it for every person I love in my life! It's about self care, physically, mentally, emotionally, great read!

  7. I feel the trick to not wasting food is to meal prep when you bring home the groceries. So wash the fruits put them in a glass container and into the fridge. Do the same with the veggies wash them and then you can make a salad or roast them in the oven. Put them into containers for the week. 🤗

  8. I‘ve been a healthy eater for 6 years now and I know it’s super hard to let go of certain foods , my problem still is the late night snack , my trick for that is that I never keep snacks or or sweets in my house except cereals 👀. If I crave a savory snack late at night I make myself a small bowl of cucumbers slices with lemons juice and sea salt or green/red peppers , remember any vegetable or fruit it’s a better replacement than any bagged or boxed foods 🙂 and also cereal with milk are okey if you find a healthier version of it and less sugary !

  9. For the rotten tomato you can wash them and get rid of their skin and mix them to make a tomato sauce for pizza or pasta! For the fruits save what's left and wash them and blend them to make a quick juice just add lemon to it and you're good!

  10. I loved when you described everything and what you like. My freshman yr of his I only had vanilla milkshake and fries everyday. Now I have a Diet Pepsi and 2 reese cups for breakfast every single day for over 20 years. I will not stop.

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