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Dangerous BEAR {Catch Clean Cook} The Most Amazing Meat Ever!!!!

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  1. No footage of the kill. You might as well have killed it with a rifle we wouldn't know. What a scam!! (Maybe YouTube policy?)
    Also spare us all this nonsense justification of the "crazy aggressive bear monster that wants to kill humanity"… The bear wasn't being aggressive. So either kill it and just tell us that by doing so you don't endanger the species, or just don't kill it if you have to go through all this mental bullshit.

  2. And last comment, you don't have to brine the meat! It is one of the best game meat you will ever taste, and I eat a lot of moose, dear, goose, duck, etc etc meat… It is the best… So for your viewers, just make sure that your bear is put in the meat cooler really quick, and make sure that you take off as much of the bear fat as possible… Just use a little salt, and some ground pepper, and cook it well done, and you will have the best game meat in your life…

  3. And as a doctor, I really liked the part where you sead that you had to cook the bear trough and trough… To avoid trichinosis, you have to freeze the meat at minus 17 Celcius or lower for a few weeks, or cook the meat well done (Be safe, do both…)

  4. Two things I find very scummy about this video and I know people will say I’m a snowflake or a crybaby: Dangerous Bear in the title is just untrue. He was not going to attack you. After killing the bear, you shout out the arrow company who made the arrows. That felt just wrong.

  5. See people have a issue with this but this is real hunting you kill and eat it I’d give anything to try this as we are not legally allowed to do this in the uk plus we’re a bit short on bear and I don’t thing the local zoo would appreciate it haha

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