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Daniel Fast Breakfast Recipes | Daniel Fast Meal Plan

Daniel Fast Breakfast Recipes (Daniel Fast Meal Ideas)// Want a Daniel Fast Grocery list and quick and easy Daniel Fast Breakfast foods? This video will share …

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  1. I really like ALL of these breakfast options! I'm starting the Daniel fast, have been watching other YouTube meal options and like these the best. I'm looking forward to the lunch and dinner videos. I like your nutritional explanations for each ingredient.

  2. Those were great really love the porridge recipe 👍🏽 my church started the Daniel fast on February 26th and God has been sustaining me but I struggle with breakfast I usually eat leftovers for breakfast. Thanks ill have to get Chia seed and almond butter to try the pudding 👍🏽

  3. Praise God for the internet as a vegan i always look for receipt and to share with people to encourage people to a healthy diet as well thank you for sharing

  4. Just watched both videos, awesome, I looking forward to making the porridge. Started my fast with fruit smoothies, and fruit salad
    . Needed new ideas…thank you and God Bless you….😇

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