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Here are some Daniel Fast Breakfast Recipes they are vegan too! JOIN THE FAST // RELATED VIDEOS // Daniel Fast Vegan …

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  1. Ok what was that on the can that looks like eggs? Sorry but I’m not a English speaker and you didn’t you the can and the recipe is not the description box.Thanks!

  2. Medjool dates are also good for the Daniel fast smoothie u just gotta soak em in hot water for an hour and they're good to go, also I love these recipes I'll try these out

  3. Me watching the fast police all down these comments…Ok. If you don't use salt, don't use salt. Are you fasting so you can tell everyone how righteous you are? Or are you doing it unto the Lord? If this video didn't help you carry on, it surely helped someone else.

  4. Whenever you’re fasting it is unto The Lord! The negative comments are disheartening to see especially if there is someone here that is immature in the faith or fresh in their salvation walk and looking for examples to follow. Fasting is not ritualistic! Daniel’s fast was only an example to follow! Be it according to your faith! Do not let anyone try to bind you up with what you’re doing for The Lord!

  5. Great recipes, the first one looks yummy for lunch or dinner! I avoid Ezequiel bread due to the yeast, but our heart posture is what matters most! The smoothie looks tasteful!

  6. Nice looking meals! OMG! Ackee and Salt Fish is my favorite Jamaican meal! I’ve only had it the traditional Jamaican style, with rice & peas, dumplings, green bananas, and fried plantains. Now my mouth is watering😋. Although different, I definitely have to try this method. I thank the Lord for letting me see this video as soon as I opened YouTube and for you putting it out. 🙌🏾

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