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Deep Fried Turkey with  @Mr. Make It Happen | Thanksgiving Recipes

Deep Fried Turkey with @Mr. Make It Happen | Thanksgiving Recipes – This video was made to show everyone just how easy it is and SAFE it is to make a Deep …

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  1. Best fried turkey that I have seen; hands down !! The rest look good BUT , not as juicy and delicious as you alls 😋👍🏼Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours !! 🦃🥰👍🏼

  2. AB, sup bro..I recently started watching your vids and to this day have impressed my family and friends with your cooking recipes and tips. Keep the vids coming much love and respects to you and your nephew.
    From down south ( Texas )

  3. 🤔 I've loved your channel since I discovered it last year but I'm not feeling the duo set up. 😕 However. AB. You built the channel from your own gifts. And you deserve your new success. Remember that.

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