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Deep Sea Fishing {Catch Clean Cook} an AMAZING day on the WATER

I absolutely LOVE fishing! Fishing near my hometown of Jupiter, Florida will always be one of my favorite places to fish!!! If you’d like to know more about my …

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  1. Hey Rob, loving all the vids as always. Thx much. Wanted to ask you before it skips through my feeble brain, have you ever had a chance to fish with Roland Martin in either Lake Okeechobee or some of the skinny water in the flats? That would be an awesome video. Just my .02 worth. Stay safe Bubba and my best regards to the family.

  2. Robert I am from the Department of Fun & Epic. We will be auditing you soon because you are having way too much of this. Sincerely John Smith Department of find an epic CEO.

  3. Hope ya'll are staying safe and keeping those hands washed.
    ETA: aw cut her a break she's only what like 4? I'm sure I remember when I was four and into all that fairy tale stuff I didn't know that curses and spells were two different things! (I think I was pretending I was a fairy… idk it's been 16 years or so since then)

  4. Can you pleaseeeeee drop the info on your sunglasses! My husband wants a pair so bad we just cant figure out what kind they are🤣I haven't seen a plug for them! Thank you! And we are huge fans!

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