Delicious and Easy Appetizers for Easter!

Real fam, what’s your go-to snack that’s perfect for spring?

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  1. All you ladies are one sided – NOT Real. You tend to cover your hypocrisy by being silent. Why didn’t you cover about Obama’s tweet. “Easter Worshippers “ he cant even say Christians. I stopped watching your Fake asses show! Byeee

  2. Can someone make a video of Loni reading the promoter all the time? Very unnatural. Mel B would be a better addition. Sorry. Not sorry

  3. Thank gosh Adrienne had a recipe to follow today! 😂🙈😝
    And @The Real Daytime YouTube knew what they were doing when they put Miss Adrienne in the thumbnail cooking next to bowls of brightly coloured food dye… 😂👀🙈

  4. Mel B's way of saying eggplant actually make more sense than how Americans say it. Why egg? it doesn't look an egg, it is not related to an egg, is not the color of an egg, is not the texture of an egg. So why is it called eggplant?

  5. Bruh Adrienne trying to mix the yolks and read the prompter at the same time😒🙄that was a bad mix job till she actually looked down and saw 😂

  6. Great recipe! Just place be ware that cilantro/coriander is an unsafe heavy metal chelator, it has the chemical structure to move mercury around in your body, but not remove it so it could potentially get moved from a benign place to a very sensitive spot like your brain causing a lot of problems. This should be a concern for everybody as we all have some degree of heavy metals. To read some peoples experience with cilantro you can google "andy cutler what not to do», and there is a grat article explaining this further that you can find by googling «andy cutler rebecca rust lee weston price». Please red up on Andy Cutlers work if you want to learn more, as he is the only one who found a safe way to chelate. I would also recommend his book «The Mercury Detoxification Manual: A Guide to Mercury Chelation», By Andrew Hall Cutler, Phd, PE
    Hope this helps someone 🙂

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