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Delicious And Unique Hot Chocolate Recipes • Tasty

Chocolate is always a good idea! Here are some delicious and unique ways to use hot chocolate. Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: …

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  1. Me: *sees that I have to make the batter*
    Also me: *laughs in buying chocolate baking mix and putting the extra stuff in*

    You should try that though… It's good. And a substitute for the chocolate cream is Hershey's™ frosting or Nutella™ .

  2. i tried making the first recipe and everything was good and stuff until i started broiling the cookies. when they say 30 seconds, they mean 30 seconds. if you put in there for more than 30
    seconds, the cookies and the marshmellows will become black

  3. in all of your videos: no spatula ???? how much a fraekin spatula cost ???
    why the hell not to use a spatula ??? spatula spatula spatula !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. …I thought these would be recipes that had hot chocolate powder in them or something. WeLp.
    I actually do have a recipe with hot chocolate powder…

  5. Most probably no body might have took some effort to make these..but do these things taste the same way as the people who make them make us feel?

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