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Delicious VEGAN BATCH COOKING Recipes!

SOUND ON! This is a viddy with a talking-twist Time to get the biggest pan you have out of the cupboard because today’s viddy is all about batch cooking!

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  1. I am loving these narrated videos: I LOVE your videos and have all your books but one thing I would love you to do is narrate all your videos in future as I don't always have time to watch but I can listen and I would know by listening which recipes are suitable for my family ( we are all vegan, I am a coeliac) and are within our limited budget.
    Also can you do more gluten free baking, breads, biscuits, cakes etc as healthy as possible and a video on using and preserving 'waste' food inc peelings, leek and spring onion tops etc would be fab.
    Love you guys, thanks for making Vegan more mainstream, very different to when we went vegan (12 years ago).
    Much love x x

  2. This channel is for Garlic Red Onion Lemon Lovers.
    Hearty Herby Stew looks like Minestrone Italian soup.
    I will definitely try the Hummus Curry. It looks so good

  3. Hello guys. Hope you're well. My favourite Waterstones book shop closed on the 23th of march, I went there and bought your new book. It was very bittersweet.
    Take good care and stay safe🌹

  4. Have you guys ever thought about a cook book for one? Recipes for single people who don’t want to eat batch cooked food? I don’t like eating the same thing everyday and I am sure I am not the only one. And I love to cook. Fresh. Just sayin.

  5. Great recipes! ❤️ Thank you so much. You.can always rinse a tin of baked beans in a colander to get rid of the sweet tomato sauce if you don’t it in the curry recipe. Stay well. 😀

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