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Delicious Week Day Vegan Meal! Red Pepper Scotch Stew 🤤🔥

What I felt like eating as a vegan, a delicious Week Day Vegan Meal! Red Pepper Scotch Stew with coconut rice, plantain, kale salad and flat breads 🤤 ORDER …

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  1. Just made this. I blended all my ingredients, except the lentils, in a vitamix before adding the lentils. I used red lentils and a habanero instead of regular lentils and a scotch bonnet. I didn’t add too much water. Probably a little less than two cups. The outcome reminded me of Ethiopian food. I like it.

  2. Hi Rachel, just wondering if there are any plans for having the method for the recipes written on the blog? Relying on the video and auto generated subtitles is a bit inaccessible. I looooove this recipe but it takes 2 x a long to make having to stop start the video. Just curious! Can't wait to get my teeth into this dish again <3

  3. I tried this tonight and it tastes as good as it looks!!!!! 😍😍
    So delicious !!!
    You are making my new vegan diet so tasty !!! Thankyou 🤗🤗🤗

  4. Rachel you have inspired me to make vegan meals. Everything looks so delicious. Please make a vegan oxtail or vegan curry chicken… keep the videos coming.

  5. Just made the stew and coconut rice…it was heaven! I'm so full! Didn't have green lentils so just used red but so good! And the smells from the caramelised onions and peppers is sooo lush!!!!

  6. I bet you are from the carribean. Always cooking with scotch bonnet pepper and the way you season these food😩 I'm binge watching your videos.
    I'm plant based. Time to get more creative in the kitchen 💪🏾 thank you so much

  7. Tưởng chit có Quê tui mới ăn cơm với chuối, ai dè ở nc ngoài cũng có người ăn cơm với chuối nữa

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