Devouring Fort Lauderdale—Best restaurants and where to eat in South Florida—food vlog

If you’re smack-dab between Miami and Boca Raton, you must be in Fort Lauderdale. And while we’re spending a couple of …

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  1. This could be my favorite episode of your's… all the food looked amazing and special, and at 27 min., really had lots to share. Special mentions were the kids commentary, and Phil's long sleeved black shirt. You're my favorite family to watch eat haha 😉 I probably should clarify… I don't watch any other families eat. 😉

  2. Hello youtube family wow everything looked so darn good the way how your faces were light up it was no disappointment glad to see you guys enjoying yourselves thank you so much until the next adventure be safe tell everyone I said hello 😂

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