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Dinner Party Vlog/Veg Fried Rice/Gobi manchurian/Beef curry/Veg Creamy salad/Tofee Cheesecake

Really sorry for a very lengthy video. Never thought it would go this long. I hope you don’t get bored. Please give a thumbs up if u liked it and don’t forget to click …

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  1. Amazing preparation…. I have a doubt… Is it okay to cook tomatoes in cast iron??? Generally when I try tomatoes in cast iron it turns Black… Won't tomatoes spoil your kadai's seasoning??

  2. Hats off to your passion and patience. The beef took like ages and so many steps.
    Initially thought to make it, later changed my mind.
    Would probably request one of my malayali friend instead.☺
    You seem to be the desi bhabi who cooks nice meal n feeds the desi bachelors, (forced or unforced) in the community.

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