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Dinner Time Jazz | Smooth Instrumental Jazz Music for Dinner | Background Jazz Playlist 2018 Hi-Fi

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  1. Does anyone know where this bridge is? I can’t figure it out. I even went to the website they got the video from but I can’t find it.

    I think it might be a fake bridge, here’s why: the bridge itself is fuzzier than the rest of the photo, what is making the shadows in the water?, and other than that what is even making the light reflections?

  2. Eating dinner solo, with candle and nice wine and the fireplace , my cat watching me. I love love love this perfect music ( even tho my attire is my pink fluffy robe) I feel quite lovely and sophisticated 💕❄️🔥🕯

  3. Since all restaurants have shut down for months here it helps recreate a fine dining setting at home. Getting out the gold rimmed plates and silverware , opening a nice bottle of wine and enjoying pure bliss.

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